The Forgotten Art of Giving

Canadians are feeling less charitable as time goes on. How do we revive our sense of generosity? It’s time to remember what it feels like to give again. Over the years, Canadians have been feeling less generous and have seemingly lost the incentive to give. The amount Canadians donate to charity has recently dropped to a 20-year low, finds a study by the Fraser Institute. This research finds that less than one-in-five Canadians claimed charitable donations on their tax return in 2017, the most

Philosophical Meditation– How It Paves a Clearer Path to Self-Knowledge

Meet the daily practice that gives you the emotional clarity you need to know yourself better. How well do we know ourselves exactly? A question that’s stood the test of time and perplexes us on a day to day basis, sometimes throwing us off track with how much it rings true. We can all look back at days where something feels extremely off, and we find ourselves acting in a manner that’s “out of character” for us. Those are the days when we are genuinely taken aback by the realization of just ho

The Experience at IPSY Live NYC 2019

Our recap of an incredible weekend filled with beauty & skincare Check out the video above for a short and sweet recap of our time at IPSY Live, the ultimate beauty discovery event. Earlier this month, we made an appearance at the inaugural IPSY Live event, one of the biggest and boldest celebrations of beauty in the world! We got in on the fun of “a beauty lover’s playland” and brought the immersive Urban Juve experience to New York City for over 4000 cutting-edge beauty enthusiasts. Being un

5 Volunteering Organizations to Get Involved With in Vancouver

Never has giving back felt so good—Especially with these awesome organizations around that empower your sense of community more than ever before. It’s always good to go looking for fun things to do around the city you’re in, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more sentimental to get your hands on? We all know how giving back can make us feel, and sometimes the urge to do some good deeds pushes us to look for volunteering opportunities around. Being a company based in Vancouver B.C.,

5 Up and Coming Indie Artists You Need To Know About

You need to hear about these kickass artists—like yesterday. The music scene is forever evolving and unfolding itself, giving us new talent to watch out for and one thing is for sure: There is no shortage of cool artists that are doing cool things, both visually and sonically speaking. From folk-country to synthy pop, let’s dive into some musical talents that are taking the indie world by storm, creating a more diverse, female-driven genre that is becoming more enticing to watch by the minut

The Deliciously Melodramatic Uprising of 'Snail Mail'

Only 19, ​Lindsey Jordan​ is taking the indie rock world of music by storm with unmistakable charisma, raw musical talent, and emotional intelligence beyond her years – And we’re along for this deliciously dramatic coming-of-age rollercoaster. Let the badassery commence; Snail Mail is on the brink of something huge, and she’s only just graduated high school. With years of classical guitar training behind her and the emotional depth of a thousand seas, she’s somehow managed to dive deep into emo

Child of Media

There’s more to pop culture than meets the eye. Here’s how this platform has been created to inspire one millennial at a time. This is Child of Media; A safe space for the spoiled internet generation. Where we come to seek comfort, not in the anonymous world of judgment and criticism of celebrities and artists alike, but in appreciating the ever-so dominant feeling of being not so lonely when you truly, deeply, are stimulated by what you’ve just witnessed in a piece of art. It’s a feeling like


In a world consumed by digital media and constant distractions, our next generation of young adults seem a bit occupied, to say the least. This young generation of ours is lost behind the screens and going through the motions. We, as this generation of young adults, have never been more aware, careless and unavailable at the same time. In this pivotal time of massive progression in technology, caring for yourself has never been more of a necessity. Overcome by the addictive age of technology, m